Camp Hope

“Be still and know that I am God” – Psalm 46:10.

Over these past two weeks I have seen the hand of God at work in this country. I have again seen how God moves in the lives of His children. I have seen firsthand some of the miracles that our God can and did perform. I have stood still and seen that He is God. I have again experienced the power of our God. The power of my God. I have seen demons cast out, people healed over night, lives changed and hundreds saved through the power of God.

For the first camp we were expecting 300 children. 370-plus showed up, out of which over half of them accepted the Lord. For the second camp we were expecting 150 children, all of which showed up with 31-plus accepting the Lord. All in all we had over 300-plus precious children come into the kingdom of God. Praise the Lord! Through the work of the Lord with help from all of those in Teen Mania and Every Orphan’s Hope, 300-plus children now have a brighter future ahead of them. They now walk with a higher Power than that which is in this world. They now have safety in the name of Jesus. Through this camp they will now spend eternity in heaven.

I will never forget what I have seen and learned through these camps. I will never forget the way God showed me His power as I watched Him cast out a demon from a 6-year-old child and saw a girl walking on her healed ankle two days after she broke it. I will never forget the sight nor the feeling of walking through the camp and seeing hundreds of children kneeling with their teachers to pray the sinner’s prayer or the deep feeling of God’s presence stirring in the camp as hundreds of quiet voices rose in prayer to their Savior.

Even as I write, I am still in awe at how God has worked and how He has revealed Himself to me. I have had so many encounters with our Creator as I have sat back in awe at what I was seeing. Many times I would sit there in amazement and incredulity because of the things He was letting me witness and the things He was teaching me through those experiences. I have grown in my faith and trust because of what I have seen and experienced. I can truly say that God is in control of everything in this universe, working things out for our good and His glory. I have seen this, I have lived this and I know this to be true!

– Shelbie Ney

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