Coming Home

Camp Hope KidsAs our July short-term mission team arrives home, we have found that God is good. A team full of flexibility and grace was granted by our Lord each day from the very beginning. With the beginning of the trip requiring us immediately to trust in God and learning that things are on His time, not on ours, we were never discouraged by the distractions. As we each walked holding the Lord’s hand, the Camp Hope team was able to share the word of God to 150 orphans in Zambia. Over half of those orphans had made a recommitment to Christ and 45 of them heard the word and accepted him in their hearts. Alleluia!

Our small construction team of five was able to make significant progress on My Father’s House C8 being able to raise all the walls and install the rafters to begin the roofing process. The children for this home and Mama Elizabeth will be moving in upon its completion and we leave knowing that the Zambian workers will move forward with the building that will soon raise a family on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

Building House C8Each short-term missionary has been blessed by serving our Lord with Every Orphan’s Hope and will continue to be in prayer for the orphans in Zambia; the staff and volunteers that serve Every Orphan’s Hope; the workers that build the My Father’s House Orphan Homes; and each child and mama that will enter into each home. We hope that you will also continue to partner with us in prayer for the Zambian nation.

His Humble Servants,

Cheryl Grief, Program Manager/Mission Trips & Internships
& the July 2012 Mission Team


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