Creative Efforts of a Captured Heart

In the midst of this holiday season, we have witnessed some wonderful and CUTE ideas which supporters are using to raise funds for Every Orphan’s Hope.A few of our dear friends, who traveled to Zambia last summer and saw the chicken run with their own eyes, wanted to make missions more tangible to the kids at their church. They ordered several cute chick ornaments and had a friend design, print, and tie a business card on each chicks’ feet, promoting C4O. These chicks became a huge hit and gave people a chance to support orphans AND get a cute reminder ornament. By selling them for $20, this allows Every Orphan’s Hope to buy 5 chicks to raise in Zambia at our chicken run.

 Evie Showers wrote: “Whatever helps support our precious ones in Zambia is worth the effort.  They have captured my heart!”

Evelyn and Becky

 What an encouragement it is to us here at Every Orphan’s Hope to receive emails and hear about your fun ideas! Please let us know how you and your family are serving His kingdom during this holiday season. It is a joy to partner with you as we serve those around the world!

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