Give Hope to Orphans!

Closing my Bible, I looked around the circle of kids that had gathered for our weekly study. “Can anyone give me an example of what God has done in your lives?”

In the silence that followed, a soft voice speaks up. With tears in her eyes, Lisa says, “He has given me a new family.”

More answers start to come: “He healed my heart.”

“He gave me a Mama to love me.”

“He gave me a loving home.”

Fast forward to today. I still remember the choked voices, the teary eyes and the pain that shot through my heart as each one of them poured out their hearts to God. I hurt for them. My heart bled as I heard glimpses of their past and fully realized how much God had changed their lives through Every Orphan’s Hope. I hurt then; I hurt now. Hearing and sharing their pain ignited within me the desire to do all I could to help them. A desire I brought home with me.

Most children in Africa never get to experience a pleasant childhood because of the depth of sorrow and chaos that comes their way at a young age. Often, young children are left responsible for their younger siblings when they’re abandoned or left as orphans due to illness and death. No child should have to deal with that. These children grow up struggling to deal with the weight in their hearts, yearning for the love, comfort and security of a family.

God is the only one who is able to heal that pain, carry that weight and restore that child to a sheltered home. If your heart is as burdened to help these children as mine is, then please pray about sponsoring one of them through Every Orphan’s Hope. Sponsorship is only $27 a month, yet it drastically changes their lives. When you sponsor, you become a permanent family member to that child, one that is loved and prayed for every day. My family sponsors a child in Lusaka and let me tell you, it’s an incredible experience, one that you will never regret committing to.

Want to make a difference? Now you can through Every Orphan’s Hope!

– Shelbie Ney

Shelbie Ney spent several months in Zambia as an intern for Every Orphan’s Hope.


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