Lusaka Girls

I was so blessed today when I had the privilege of seeing just the girls from My Father’s House Orphan Homes in Lusaka.

When we walked through the gate we were immediately greeted by them with hugs, high fives, and excitement. It seemed like a typical day for the girls who just happened to be out of school. The boys however were still in school, no doubt wishing that they too had a day off like the girls.

I‘ve been a bit under the weather lately, and  so after running around all day I was tired and went inside to sit down and gain some strength. I was immediately followed by about 8 sweet, sweet girls who had been eagerly awaiting my return since the last time I was there. When I sat down on the couch I was instantly surround by them, all of them asking how I was, and what I had been doing. After being so beat down from the day, it was so uplifting to just sit with the girls and hear about their day, and to hear it as though I was not a visitor but as one who was a part of their family.

And so the afternoon went. We sat on that couch, talking with one another as though we were family. We did each others hair, played clapping games and talked about girl stuff. It is was within those moments that we began forming deep bonds and relationships with those beautiful girls. Those are conversations where the love for those kids becomes deeper, and I am thankful for the time that God has allowed me to cross into their paths. It is in those conversations that I get to see their beautiful spirits. Spirits that are marked with scars and tragedy, but are strong and eager to embrace the next moment. Spirits that recognize the hand of God upon their lives and the love of those that surround them.

They truly are beautiful souls…Idah and her laughter…Dorcas and her loving heart…Hope and her sassy attitude…Lydia and her shy spirit…Esther and her beauty. These girls have been blessed with a second chance so that they can show their beautiful spirits, and we have been blessed with the chance to see them.

– Christina Cates

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