On Zambian Ground

As our July short-term mission team landed safely in Zambia, we all learned to rely on our Lord for His peace and comfort. Due to a 2 1/2-hour delay in Washington, DC, the concern that we would miss our connection to Zambia through Johannesburg, South Africa was weighing heavily on our shoulders. Our expected landing was at the same time our plane was to depart. But the team remained in the Lord with peace as we approached South Africa, which taking into account they had a 15-hour plane ride there, is not an easy task since this information was apparent from the beginning of our flight.

Missionary with MamasGod always prevails. With all the information we had heard about landing in South Africa, we experienced something so different. As we disembarked from the plane, the flight crew made every effort to allow us to leave first, although that was difficult. Once we entered the terminal, we were met by an agent in South Africa that escorted all of us quickly through the international passport control, security screening, and straight to the gate. Not once was this even anticipated. Thank you Lord for always inspiring others to assist your hands and feet! They held the flight for us and we were on the plane ready to depart. Of course, we fully anticipated not seeing any bags once we landed in Lusaka, Zambia; so we were excited to hear when we boarded the plane that they were going to hold the plane a little longer to load bags on the flight. God is good!

When we landed, to a small disappointment, only half of our bags had arrived, but God had been so good to this point that what we received we were truly thankful. Although it proved to be a late night and we didn’t arrive at our accommodations until 1 am Friday morning, we were all at peace and found a meal waiting for us at Abundant Life. The staff had stayed up awaiting our arrival to make sure we had been fed. What a blessing they are here with such servant hearts.

Friday morning, after sleeping in a bit, we arose for a morning praise and devotional as we prepared for our day. Concern over our missing bags was non-existent, although a number of us were without clothing. We went through our day as planned and in the afternoon took a visit to the My Father’s House homes in Lusaka. What a blessing!

Washing ClothesWatching everyone meet the children in the homes, being able to play soccer with the boys and girls in Lusaka 1 and 2, listening to the girls sing, and even learning how to wash clothes as a Zambian, enabled each of us to replenish in the Lord. There was a joy amongst each person, and the stories they now have to share about what they learned are inspirational.

Here are a few that they shared:
“I saw in the homes a joy with the children. They have true dreams and plans for the future and they are capable of coming true because they are given a hope in these homes” ~ Liz White

“As we walked through the compound in Lusaka, we were guided by one of the older children in the homes. She took us through the back roads that had us ducking under clotheslines and walking by people sitting outside their homes. What I saw was they were just people, just like you and me, and Jesus came for all of us because we are all just people.” ~ Willie McIntosh

“I was amazed as I learned to wash clothes with one of the girls in our homes, how she said she wouldn’t want a washing machine. She knows that doing it by hand is a better way because she knows it is clean. It was such a simplicity that was humbling.” ~ Suzi Clipfell

“Those mama’s are such amazing women. They are full of such joy and love for the children. They welcomed us in the homes and hugged us like we were one of their children. It was like receiving a hug from your grandmother that is an embrace of pure love.” ~ This sentiment was echoed by the whole team

We have only been on the ground for a day and the Lord is already blessing this team. As we approach our culture walk today in Chongwe and visit the construction site where My Father’s House #8 will be built by a handful of our team this upcoming week, please continue to lift up in prayer the work that Every Orphan’s Hope is doing in Zambia.

His Humble Servants,

Cheryl Grief, Program Manager/Mission Trips & Internships
& the July 2012 Mission Team

  1. holly gruver
    holly gruver07-27-2012

    Praying for you all! Thanks for the detailed update!

  2. Patty Lakey
    Patty Lakey07-21-2012

    Leaving a message for Becky and Larry that all is well here and thinkings are going as planned.
    Zak is good and is learning how to enjoy being outside! The girls will be here tomorrow and we are excited! Always love your way and be safe !

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