There’s No One Like Jesus

Although our camp team arrived on the first day without children, the second day we found ourselves blessed by driving into Village of Hope and seeing smiling faces waving upon our arrival. About 150 orphans had been bussed into Chongwe to participate in this week’s Camp Hope. The children quickly bonded with their teachers and sounds of laughter, songs of praise,  and the singing and humming of “There’s No One Like Jesus” echoed through the field.

Hearing this song is such a great reminder that Jesus is present in this camp and it automatically lifts one’s heart. Even on the second day, God has been good. Seeds of Jesus are being planted throughout the camp. Seven boys and girls within different groups have committed their life to the Lord! These children want to learn about the promise of Jesus. The harvest is truly plentiful! In heaven the angels are rejoicing, just as we are here, to have more brothers and sisters join us in heaven. As our week continues, we know God is so good and many more rooms will be filled in our Father’s house.


Seeing the impact that Every Orphan’s Hope has on the local children of Zambia is amazing, and also hearing of the hope that has moved within the translators is inspiring. Visiting with Thomas, a local translator, he shared that he has volunteered with the ministry for the last few years. He admitted that at first, he really didn’t understand the importance of what we did in these camps, but the more he listened, the more he was challenged not only to pray but to share the Gospel within his community. He said that seeds aren’t  just being planted here but that seeds were being watered and nourished in Zambia and are bearing fruit.

Thomas also shared how he saw the land in Chongwe before Every Orphan’s Hope began building homes. He said, “It was just the bush, nothing else was here, but now look at it. The homes are bringing hope to not only the children that are living here but also to the community.”

Each home that is built shines the light of Jesus through Chongwe as these orphaned children are sheltered by His grace. The construction team was able to raise the exterior and interior walls of House C8 in two days, and the promise of a new home for eight orphaned children and a mama in Chongwe is quickly becoming a reality.

Please continue to pray for the work that Every Orphan’s Hope is doing by being the hands and feet of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

– Cheryl Grief, Program Manager/Mission Trips & Internships & the July 2012 Mission Team


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