Working Women: Zambian Staff Lead by Example

I know everyone always loves to hear the stories of the kids in the program, how they are learning and growing into such beautiful and wonderful young boys and girls, with hearts that make you fall even more in love with the Lord, but I wanted to dedicate this blog post to some of the EOH Zambian staff who dedicate hours on end of their time so selflessly serving these kids and this organization like when they use the best sit down rides for kids.

After spending these past two weeks in the office getting to know the staff, forming relationships with them and just simply watching them serve in all capacities, I have a newfound respect and love not only for this organization and all of the work that goes into it, but also for each of these individuals that make this organization possible and continue to grow and maintain these families.

Mama Margaret is in charge and makes sure everything gets done and everyone is on top of their tasks. She is a busy woman, but in no way lets that get in the way of being extremely relational with everyone she comes in contact with. She gives the warmest hugs and kisses and there is never a question in the world of whether or not you are loved by this woman. She is constantly beaming with a joy that can only be defined by the love of Christ in her, and cannot help but grin from ear to ear each time she mentions His name, which is probably about every other sentence. One of the first things I remember Mama telling me after picking us up from the airport and welcoming us to Zambia was “This is God’s country, He visits other places, but this is where He lives.” I feel like this statement so accurately describes the way her faith is so sure and unshakable, regardless of the circumstances, and evident in every action she takes.

Maretta is Mama’s assistant and runs a lot of the day-to-day errands that are necessary to keep the houses running. She is always so willing to drop whatever she is doing to serve in whatever way she is needed. For example, last week with our little passport mishap, Maretta was the first to jump on the phone and help get things in order before driving us all around town to ensure that Shelbie would be safe and have her passport in her hands again as soon as possible, despite having countless other responsibilities on her plate that day. The way she loves and serves those around her has not only opened my eyes, but challenged me in a new light to find ways I can be serving others with the same joy I see in and through her service.

Patricia is in charge of the housekeeping, and has pretty much been around since this organization was founded. Last week I got to spend some sweet time hearing about her family and past, and learning again what unshakable faith she has. Her love for these kids, this organization, and everyone around her is so encouraging to see. On top of working full-time during the day for EOH pouring out masses of love and energy, Patricia is taking night classes to complete her high school education and spends any spare time she has in the office studying for her classes. Patricia is such a hard worker; I don’t know if I have ever seen anyone as dedicated as she is. Also, Patricia’s laughter is extremely contagious, and something that happens quite often along with her beautiful singing while working around the office which constantly brings me and everyone around her so much joy.

I could go on and on describing these women and all of the wonderful things about their personalities and the ways that they serve, as well as the rest of the staff that devotes just as much time and energy pouring themselves out for this organization, but it all comes down to one point I would like for you all to see. Above each of these individuals’ different skills and abilities, above their different personalities and qualities that make up who they are, above all else, they are sons and daughters of the King working and serving for Him. They have their own stories, struggles, and pasts just like you and me, but in spite of it all they have the love and joy of Christ truly living inside of them, pouring out of them.

At the end of the day they can truly come before the Lord with empty hands to be filled up again, which challenges me with one question I hope to ask myself each day not only for my time here but when I am home as well: How can I further serve His Kingdom today?

– Elise Rowsell

To read more form Elise, visit her blog: Restoring Us Daily.


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