You Should Sponsor An EOH Child Because They Draw You Sweet Pictures

Let’s be honest—you’ve probably heard about the whole “child sponsorship” thing before. Maybe it was from a friend who sponsors a child in a distant land. Maybe it was from one of those groups that comes to your church every six months to give a presentation on the importance of child sponsorship around the world. Or maybe it was from one of those commercials that flashes sad images across your TV screen, pulls at your heartstrings for awhile, and eventually makes you cry.

Regardless of how you’ve heard about child sponsorship in the past, you’ve heard of it. I’m sure you have. I’m sure you’ve had many organizations fill your different mailboxes with pitches that ask you to consider joining their teams and sponsoring their children. And I’m sure these pitches are absolutely wonderful—filled to the brim with all kinds of legitimate reasons for you to consider sponsorship. But I have recently noticed that they are often very much the same.

In response to this, and also in response to my recent discovery of a cornucopia of reasons as to why you should sponsor a child through Every Orphan’s Hope, I have decided to start a new series of blog posts entitled, “You Should Sponsor An EOH Child Because…” These posts will be filled with all kinds of reasons—serious, silly, and downright ridiculous—as to why sponsorship with EOH is not only special, but also something you should seriously consider. Please keep in mind that these are by no means “official” reasons (for those you should probably go to and/or contact Michelle Jackson at:, but rather neat and “behind the scenes” things that I have learned throughout my three summers of interning with the ministry. :)

So, on to today’s post: You Should Sponsor An EOH Child Because They Draw You Sweet Pictures (And They LOVE It).

Yesterday, the other interns and I spent the morning in Chongwe. During our time there, Michelle, the EOH sponsorship coordinator, asked us to gather some of the kids together and request that they finish their drawings for their sponsors. At first, I thought the chore was going to be just that—a chore. I figured we would have to drag the children into the house, sit them down, and literally make them do their drawings before releasing them. But when we gathered some children together in House 4, I found that it was quite the opposite.

All of the children—even the big ones—squealed in delight when we opened the packet of drawing paper and spilled crayons and markers all over the living room table. Though everyone waited patiently to receive paper and a few drawing utensils, it was clear that each and every child was very eager and excited to have the opportunity to create a beautiful masterpiece for his or her sponsors. Some of the children worked for over an hour!

Want to sponsor an orphan that pours time, energy, and a whole lot of love into a beautiful drawing just for you? Sponsor through EOH. If you’re lucky, it might even land you a sweet map of Zambia. :)

– Kate Colwill

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