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  • The Value of a Letter

    A few months ago when I was heading to Zambia, my Bible study class was studying the book of James. They wanted to give towards the mamas and children and one Tuesday evening, all the items were given to me to take right before my …

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  • Why We Put Walls Up

    This summer I learned about walls being built. Not those ugly, figurative walls that we so often hear about. These walls were quite the opposite – beautiful, physical walls that God had instructed to be built by people of His Word, following His will in …

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  • My Passion for the Adventure

    My heart was captured 7 years ago. Everyone has that place where they know they belong. At this place, you know this is where you were created to be. What you were created to do. And these are the people you were meant to love. …

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  • A Mother’s Day Gift that Keeps on Giving

    With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I typed an email to our Zambian staff asking how we could best serve our Mamas at Every Orphan’s Hope. We have so many supporters that not only have a heart for the orphan but also have a love for …

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  • A Mama’s Love is Like No Other

    To say I was excited to visit Zambia this last February, would be a huge understatement. I love Africa. I love the little babies, the people, the sights, the smells, the adventure — and I couldn’t wait to visit Zambia for the first time. I …

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