Camp Hope

"Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher." - Luke 6:40

It’s not just a Bible camp. It’s an answer to love.

Camp Hope LogoCamp Hope is a week-long Bible camp for children in and around Chongwe Village. The children participate in Bible study, prayer, praise and worship, crafts, games, and most importantly, they are introduced to the love and hope of Jesus Christ. They enjoy two to three meals a day; they receive a bandana and T-shirt. While Camp Hope lasts one week, orphans walk away knowing they have a heavenly Father whose love is eternal.

In 2016, 878 children attended Camp Hope and 414 received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

When did Camp Hope begin?
Camp Hope began in the summer of 2003 in three locations: Kalingalinga, Lusaka West, and Ndola. Each camp brought together 100-150 orphans for a time of Bible study and praise and worship. The goal of the camp was to encourage pastors and leaders to go beyond their church walls and into their communities to identify orphans. Many leaders were unaware of the orphan crisis. Camp Hope existed to leverage the Body of Christ to recognize the orphans among them.

Our Zambian volunteers, leaders, transcribers, and cooks were called to connect with the children…to sit with them in the dirt, pray with them, and listen to their stories. Leaders were encouraged to learn the children’s names and the children were delighted to learn the names of their leaders. A common phrase among the children in Zambia who are addressing strangers is “Ewe!” (pronounced  ē-way), which means “Hey, you!” (To any “mzungu,” or white person in Zambia, these words are as familiar as hello.) Camp Hope put names to faces.

Once a connection between a leader and child was established, four Biblical principles were introduced to the heart of the orphan: Faith, Truth, Hope and Love. By walking in these principles, an orphan who has lost everything is not only given a new perspective on life but also a new-found love for Jesus Christ.

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(Camp Hope is $40/per child.)

Camp Hope not only transforms children’s lives; it can transform yours*. Short-term missionaries can expect their trip to last 12-14 days based on airline schedules. Travel time is typically two days departing from and returning to North America, with approx. 9-11 days in Zambia. Participants will devote their time to understanding the culture of Zambia, meeting local families whose child will be attending Camp Hope, conducting Camp Hope, and participating in devotionals, debriefs and worship with other team members.

*This year’s camps will be entirely Zambian-led so we are not currently recruiting for a US-led short-term team. Please email Miriam Porter at if you have any questions.

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