Sponsor Mission Trip

"…and whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes me." - Matthew 18:5

Meet your sponsored child!

If you sponsor a child with Every Orphan’s Hope, this trip is for you!

The August 4-16, 2016 Camp Hope Mission Trip will provide ample opportunities to visit your sponsored child. For more information, contact miriam@everyorphan.org.

Our mission trips are as much of a blessing for sponsors as they are for our children. Sponsors learn their child’s daily routine, enjoy meals with them, participate in their family devotionals, and play with them. Just read about one of our missionary’s experiences below:

We walk inside Jacob’s home and point to the sponsorship picture wall and then to me. Jacob’s eyes get big and his grin stretches across his face, but he is a bit timid and takes a step behind Mama Sarah’s skirt. He is peeking out to watch me, and as this is going on, Mama Sarah hugs me tightly and begins a conversation referencing my family members by name, who I wrote about in one of my letters to Jacob. Mama Sarah knew everything about me and she told me how she and the children pray for me and the other sponsors. My heart overflows with how true that is… the Mamas and children pray for me, my family, and each of the other sponsors and their families every day. – Angela Vehige

Questions? Visit our FAQs page or contact Gary Schneider at gary@everyorphan.org.

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