A Dream Fulfilled


Lubasi’s name means “family,” which is quite fitting since Every Orphan’s Hope is all about creating and restoring Christ-centered families for orphans.

Lubasi is a double orphan who lost his parents as a young child. He and his sister, Thoko, went to live with their aunt, who truly loved and cared for them, but unfortunately, she was married to a verbally and emotionally abusive man.

One night, the aunt’s husband brought home a special meal for dinner: steaks. He cooked them and set them in front of the children. Suddenly, he threw the steaks on the ground and lashed out, “It’s better that the dogs eat those than you.” Time and again, the aunt’s husband would tell Lubasi and Thoko, “You’re not my child, you’re an orphan.”

Thoko and Lubasi were in a desperate situation, until they found refuge in My Father House Orphan Homes – refuge and opportunity!

Today, Lubasi is a young man studying law at the local university in Lusaka, Zambia. He was our first orphan boy, and now he is our first college student! He is also a role model to the other boys in My Father’s House Orphan Homes.

Lubasi is a shining example of the impact your prayers, encouragement and investment can make.

Lubasi with Logan in 2004 Lubasi in Washington Lubasi visits the dentist for the first time. Lubasi Tries on a suit for the first time

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