A Self-Published Author

Nelly's devotional is available on AmazonNelly

Nelly is 16 years old. She never knew her biological father and her mother passed away in November of 2014. Her mother, Josephine, was the house mama in My Father’s House Orphan Home 2 in Lusaka, where Nelly still lives with her twin brother Emmanuel.

Nelly was introduced to her heavenly Father in My Father’s House Orphan Homes. Ever since, she has been studying the Word and pursuing her calling to be an author.

“God told me I am an author,” she revealed one day, presenting an entire devotional book to the staff members of Every Orphan’s Hope. We’ve taken that devotional, called A Heart of Perseverance, and published it on Amazon. Purchase it here!

In her book, Nelly encourages young Christians to stand firm in their faith and trust that God has a purpose for everything. She touches on obedience and challenges young Christians to be prayerful and not give up on their dreams. Read an excerpt here!

Nelly didn’t give up on her dreams, and now she is a self-published author!

Nelly writing in her devotional“When I was six years old, together with my mom and twin brother, I moved into My Father’s House for a purpose, and that purpose was for me to begin a new foundation. I am so glad to live at My Father’s House with my new brothers and sisters. It is a very big thing that God performed in my life.” — Nelly Mwanza