Answered Prayer

Mary, Michael and David in 2006Mary, Michael and David

It’s 2003 in Kalingalinga. A widow is cooking outdoors over an open flame, stirring nshima in a large pot for 150 orphans attending Camp Hope. She ‘s on her feet for three days…with a baby strapped on her back.

Fast forward to 2006. Every Orphan’s Hope receives word from a church member who told them a woman who served at Camp Hope wants staff members to come pray over her. She’s dying.

Staff members walked to her home, a one-room shack, and approached the woman on her deathbed. Her body was frail, her eyes were heavy, and her voice was faint, yet confident. “I am believing God for my children that He is going to provide.”

Fervent prayer filled the room as family and friends wept and mourned over their dying loved one. The Mary, Michael and David in 2007mood was solemn until an Every Orphan’s Hope staff member said, “I believe God has answered your prayer.”

You see, Every Orphan’s Hope had just completed the third My Father’s House and the home was within walking distance to where this woman lived. In that house, five beds already had children in them, but three beds remained – for one girl and two boys.

Miraculously, in God’s perfect timing, there was room for Mary, Michael and David. The three children would have a new home with a new mama who would love and care for them as her own.

Indeed, God had provided!