On a Path to Success

Chilina, Juliet and Suzen in 2013Chilina, Juliet and Suzen

These three beautiful girls were orphaned by their father in 2010, not long after their impoverished mother abandoned them.

The paternal grandparents took the girls in and even put them in school, but to everyone’s surprise one day, the mother took the girls from school without the grandparents’ consent. The word was her husband’s relatives had given her money to settle down with the children.

Whether or not the money ran out, no one knows, but again, the mother fled, leaving Chilina, Juliet and Suzen with the grandparents. Because the grandparents were only peasant farmers, they found it difficult to support the three girls, especially with 11 other family members living in the household.

In early May 2012, the grandmother brought Chilina, Juliet and Suzen to My Father’s House Orphan Homes. She walked many miles with them from Chiyota to Chongwe village. It was a long road with no guarantee. When she finally made it to her destination, tired and worn, she asked for one thing: “Could my grandchildren have help going to school because they have no school shoes, books or uniforms?”

Chilina is now 12 years old and in 6th grade. Juliet is 10 years old and in 4th grade. Suzen is 8 years old and in 1st grade. The highlight of their day is getting dressed in their school uniform and walking to school. Now they walk on a new path – one of hope and success!