James Shameon in 2012 Lister Shameno in 20012James and Lister

James and Lister’s story is not about where they came from but where they are today.

James and Lister moved out of our homes in 2013 because their biological brother contacted Every Orphan’s Hope with the desire to reunite with his siblings. While the sudden loss was difficult, we were encouraged when we met the brother and learned of his desire to love and care for James and Lister.

The brother is married, has a good job, but does not have any children of his own. He has brought all of his four younger siblings under his roof and he told us, “I don’t want my siblings to go through what I went through,” explaining that he moved around from orphanage to orphanage after their father died. The brother’s wife is also an orphan and understands how important family is. She was happy to care for James, Lister and the other children as her own.

While we miss these precious faces, we praise the Lord for their happy reunion. What a beautiful picture of an older brother seeking out his family and taking them under his wing. James’ and Lister’s faith in God was restored. In fact, it may have been an answered prayer. Lister once told us, “I like praying and talking to God because I know He listens.”

Lister is 10 and wants to teach young children. James is 14 and wants to be a pastor. We’re confident they’ll have the guidance and faith to reach their goals.