Singing in Nashville

Thoko singing at Orphan SummitThokozile

Affectionately known as “Thoko,” this sweet and talented young lady was born on June 20,1994. Thoko and her brother, Lubasi, are double orphans. Before moving into My Father’s House Orphan Homes, they lived with their grandparents in the village of Monze. Unfortunately, the grandparents mismanaged the late mother’s estate and Thoko and Lubasi had to move in with their aunt.

Thoko at Camp Hope in 2004They loved their aunt, but due to ill treatment from the aunt’s spouse, the aunt moved out with Thoko and Lubasi. She, alone, could not support their basic needs. She registered both children under Grace Ministries Church where they would be invited to attend Camp Hope, and later, to My Father’s House Orphan Homes.

One day, Thoko told staff members at Every Orphan’s Hope that her dream was “to sing for the world.” On April 19, 2013, Thoko and her brother Lubasi landed on American soil for the first time. Among the sightseeing, church visits and sponsorship gatherings, they attended the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit 9 in Nashville, TN.  Thoko was beyond excited when she was asked to stand in front of a crowd of 2,500 people and sing her heart out!

Watch it here!

She received a standing ovation, and to top it off, she and Lubasi got to meet Nicole C. Mullen.

Thoko in front of the White House Gary Schneider welcomes Thoko and Lubasi Thoko_nicolecmullen_Cap

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