Sisters Stick Together

Christine_Dorcas_Cap Mabel and Christine

Sisters stick together and Mabel and Christine are no exception. On May 9, 2006, Mabel and Christine’s father passed away leaving behind their mother with five children. Mom was unemployed and had very little resources. She could not provide for their basic needs, including giving them an education.

So, she decided to move her children to a remote village in Solwezi, the capital of the North-Western Province of Zambia, where their paternal grandmother was living. But the mother stayed in Lusaka to search for a job so that she could put the children in school.

Back in Solwezi, the grandmother was struggling to make ends meet and hadn’t heard from the mother. Many days and even weeks passed until the grandmother told the children that their mother had died.

Last year, whether out of guilt, shame or fear, the grandmother abandoned all five children. The children were left without any adult supervision, except that of their 17-year-old brother Samuel. The home was a child-head home for some months.


One day, a neighbor gave Samuel some money to catch a bus to Lusaka to look for any surviving relatives. He managed to locate the mother’s younger sister in Kalingalinga. She told him, much to his surprise, that his mother was not dead. A meeting was arranged and the five children were reunited with their mother. While the reunion was a celebration, especially since the mother had started her own business and was making a little income, over time, she found that life was still not easy for a single mom of five.

However, she desperately desired for her children to go to school. So, she contacted Every Orphan’s Hope and pleaded with us to care for her two girls, Christine, who is now 12, and Mable, who is 9.

Because of our sponsors and ministry partners, both girls are receiving their education, hoping to make their mom and three brothers proud.