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Sponsor todayGet excited! You’re about to embark on a journey with an orphan all the way from Zambia, Africa. We pray it will be an enriching life experience for you and the orphan(s) you sponsor.


100% of your $27 goes toward the care of your child, which includes food, clothing, school supplies and healthcare. After 10 years of caring for orphans in Zambia, we’ve learned what it takes to raise an orphan to Life. The reality is it takes more than $27 a month. It takes a family of sponsors. HugSo, at Every Orphan’s Hope, our goal is to match each child with 12 sponsors. This model is three-fold: It enables sponsors to commit to an affordable monthly investment, it forms accountability between sponsors and Every Orphan’s Hope, and it showers our orphans with love.

You’re not just sending money, you’re raising an orphan to Life! By writing letters to your child, you can follow their daily triumphs and challenges, learn their prayer requests and share your own. You can meet your sponsored child when you sign-up for one of our mission trips! Don’t be surprised if you find one of your letters hanging on their wall. You are now part of the family!

Every Orphan’s Hope pairs eight orphans with one widow whom they call “mama.” They live in a one-story brick home where they are loved and cared for in a godly environment. The children pray together, cook and clean together, and walk to school together. They become a newly formed band of brothers and sisters who look after each other.

Because every one of our homes has its own private Facebook page, you can meet your child’s friends, watch videos of them singing, laughing and playing, and you can foster relationships with other sponsors of your child.

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